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I really do not fancy chicken, it’s stale and sometimes you can do only so little with it, barbecue it, roast it, or put it in a stew.

Regardless of all your efforts and love, there still will be that moment where you are going to bite a mouthful of chicken meat and feel as if you are going to choke when you swallow it.

That’s why I wasn’t all that excited when my wife, Johanes, told me about 24 chicken. I didn’t look it up expecting it to be just your everyday fried chicken tossed around with different varying sauces, it turns out I was half right.

24 chicken

Searching for the restaurant, we found ourselves in a crowd which turned out to be a queue for this humble yet obviously busy shop. The orders were coming in as quickly as they could complete them.

The waves of hungry and busy students kept coming and as soon as we were nearing the shop my nose felt a wonderful and alluring scent. At that moment I knew that this was going to be a whole lot different from the chicken shops I was used to. The nearer we got to the cashier the more my mouth watered.

24 chicken

We placed our order and within minutes 2 boxes of chicken savory goodness were placed in our table.

I dove right in. The chicken was tender, juicy and tasted out of this world. I could eat a lot but never in my dreams would I eat a whole chicken’s worth without batting an eye and it was very comforting until I noticed something halfway through the box.

The chicken had no bones! All meat and skin carefully fried and tossed in amazingly unique sauces. My mind was blown.

24 chicken

You see, when you cook chicken the most tender and juicy parts are always wrapped in bones. Compare the difference between the chicken breasts and the chicken thighs. The thighs are juicy regardless of how wrong you can cook it, while the breasts are mostly dry almost all the time, even when you add it in a stew.

I was enjoying every hot juicy bite without me noticing and that in it of itself stands as a testament to how good the chickens really are.

I was truly amazed by how well they thought ahead. The portions were small bite-sized chickens that can cook fairly quickly and would have more surface areas where the sauce can coat giving you a more flavorful bite every single time.

That’s why they can complete that many orders of chicken in record time without the staff really breaking a sweat.

A regular chicken leg with the thigh might take somewhere about 20-30 minutes to fully cook through since the bones take a considerable amount of time to heat up and cook the blood within the bones too.

Taking out the bones from the equation as well as cutting the pieces of chicken meat up to a more manageable portion gives you piping hot amazingly cooked tender chicken within 5 minutes.

I was honestly blown away by how well they manage the chicken. I never really thought about it that much but now that I had to think about it, It’s genius. I love the chickens there and my mouth waters every single time I think about the Jack Daniels chicken.

Regardless I will find myself back in that store every chance I get, and it is honestly up there in ranks for me. Give it a try and tell me about your experience I would definitely want to know what you think about 24 Chicken.

24 chicken

24/7 Chicken Details


Open from 10am to 9pm (Mondays to Saturday)

Vito Cruz (DLSU) Branch
09271223550 | 09456797297
2472 Leopn Guinto St. Corner Estrada St. Vito Cruz Taft, Manila

P.Noval (UST) Branch
09054792282 | 09054792283
Crown Galleria, P. Noval Corner Dapitan St. Sampaloc Manila

Legarda Branch
09167974072 | 09167974073
2355 Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila

P.Noval Espana Branch
09774253756 | 09774253757
P. Noval Corner Espana, Sampaloc, Manila (In Front of Univ Tower)

Pedro Gil Branch
09774253754 | 09774253755
CTC Bldg. Taft Avenue Corner Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila

EGI DLSU Taft (Recently Opened)
EGI tower, Vito Cruz Taft (beside DLSU Manila)

New Branch this October 7
Legarda st. Corner Mendiola beside One Legarda Residences

How To Order (For Delivery)

How to have an EASY and HASSLE-FREE order in 24 Chicken:

  • Step 1- Text your order.
  • Step 2- Write your Full name.
  • Step 3- Write your Full address with the nearest landmark.
  • Step 4- Write your Exact payment amount (so they can bring exact change!)
  • Step 5- Send to:
    • L.Guinto (DLSU) * 0927 122 3550 or 0945 679 7297
      España: 0977 425 3756 or 57
    • Legarda: 0916 797 4072 or 73
    • P.Gil Taft: 0977 425 3754 or 55
    • Dapitan: 09054792282 or 83 (For pick up customers only, No in-house delivery)

* Closed for renovation
(please text only 1 number, to avoid double order)

Delivery coverage: L. Guinto (DLSU) Manila, UST España, P. Gil Taft, and Legarda area (can check the delivery map posted on 24 Chicken for reference)

Delivery charge: P40.00 pesos

Note from 24 Chicken: Please note that we will only entertain orders for delivery on our hotline. If you have other queries, please message us on our FB account to minimize confusion. Our phone gets busy at peak hours so please be patient and wait for our reply. Thank you 😊


8 different flavors to choose from: Original, Garlic, Jack Daniels, Spring Onions, Yangneom (Spicy), Yangneom with Garlic, Original Grilled, and Spicy BBQ Grilled

24 chicken