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Korean BBQ? Choose Fantastic Chef. It’s one of the best Samgyeopsal in Manila.

Throughout my time of eating and indulging in scrumptious foods. I really never had a soft spot for Korean style barbecue or what people say Samgyeopsal. Seated in a table that has a burner in the middle, you are then provided or in some cases allowed to pick out things you want to eat ranging from different kinds of meat cuts or side dishes. They will then fire up the burner and leave you to it to cook and grill your food.

As for me and my first-time experience in eating Samgyeopsal, I was dumbfounded. Why would I cook the food? Was that the gimmick? Back then, it cost just as much as 2 kgs of meat. If I wanted to cook my own dinner, I would have done it at home already. 

After giving it multiple tries and eventually failing to find the purpose of going to a restaurant to cook your own food, I swore to never step into a Korean BBQ restaurant in my life. I eventually gave it another shot when my wife asked me to dinner. 

fantastic chef

Fantastic Chef Malate

Que in the Fantastic Chef. As soon as I entered, the scent of thin-sliced meat with no salt or pepper touching the grill compelled me to hiss the same way a cat would when threatened. But since I was hungry, I just surrendered and tried to enjoy it. 

I was honestly amazed at how clean and tidy things are, each table is equipped with a suction that sucks the smoke out of the grill so that you do not have to navigate through the smoke to find your table. 

Friendly Staffs

The staff wore smiles and greeted me diligently. And although I looked like I disliked the place, they made me feel welcome. 

fantastic chef

Cooking the Korean BBQ 

Another thing that I found quite peculiar is that their grills are actual grills. I was half-expecting a gas stove atop a circle plate where you put the meat in but noooo. You actually get to cook your meat with charcoal unlike most of the Korean BBQ restaurants I went to in the past. And just like that, I was interested with the Samgyeopsal this time around. 


As they started serving generous amounts of meat, I was slowly getting excited by how well they were presented and separated. I should also point out the fact that the meat that was served at room temperature. Again, unlike other Korean BBQ restaurants who serve you frozen meat. Side dishes were generous and very light.

I thoroughly enjoyed every piece of meat that touched my tongue. They were quality meat paired off with a smoky scent that complimented every dip and sauce provided. The side dishes were terrific. The cooking process was not a hassle at all and get this; they monitor your grill and change it as much as possible. The suction gave us a lot of breathing room, and most of all, the quality of their service never failed us. 

fantastic chef


Korean BBQ is not just about cooking your own meat and taking in cough inducing smoke. It is about keeping your attention to the things in front of you, enjoying dishes in small portions and realizing the beauty in someone’s company through a long and drawn out eating process. My wife and I talked about a lot of things while she greedily took meat that I was cooking. Most times, when we ate out, we ate the dish and left. Here, we took our time, set down the bowls of rice and talked about our adventures together through the years as we put the next batch of meat and wait for it to cook.

I would never have changed my mind about Korean BBQ if it weren’t for my visit to Fantastic Chef. I would be forever grateful and always looking forward to another food trip down memory lane on the tables of this amazing place.

fantastic chef

If you’re planning to go, good news! Their promo is extended! See details below.


For every group of four (4) 1 is FREE!

Minimum of four (4) people per table.
* If a group of 6 or 7 people eats at Fantastic Chef and
avail this promo, only 1 still gets to eat for free.
* If a group of 8 at Fantastic Chef, they will
get 2 people to eat for free respectively.
* If 12 dines at Fantastic Chef, they will
get 3 people to eat for free respectively.

* NO LATECOMERS in the group.

(Promo runs UNTIL JULY 31,2019 , 11:00am-4:00pm Daily.)

* the last call will be at 3:30pm


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🏠 Fantastic Chef
🚏1F 590 Remedios Circle, Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines
+63 995 843 8208
11:00AM – 6:00AM the next day!